BELGIN Oil Products

TSC the leading petroleum lubricant marketer capitalized on its exclusive deal with BELGIN OIL, the Turkish largest specialist in lubricants production , as their sole Agent in Egypt to serve diverse and rapidly growing automotive, industrial and marine sectors.
TSC maintains its dedication to provide high quality products, services and flawless operations since its inception. Based on its expertise in market analysis and more efficient response to market fluctuations, TSC strives to become one of the top five oil marketing companies in terms of market share within the next 10 years through satisfying its customers requirements, delivering superior returns to stakeholders and building up strong brand equity.
TSC will marketing BELGIN’s lubricants in Egyptian market under the name of BELGIN EGYPT.

BELGIN products divided into 33 groups as follow:

Grinding Fluids 1 – Grinding Fluids Various Lubricants 17 – Various Lubricants
Watersoluble Cooling Fluids 2 – Watersoluble Cooling Fluids Cleaners 18 – Cleaners
Hydraulic Oils 3 – Hydraulic Oils Motor Oils 19 – Motor Oils
Neat Cutting Oils 4 – Neat Cutting Oils Transmission Oils 20 – Transmission Oils
Honing Oils 5 – Honing Oils Process Oils 21 – Process Oils
Quenching Oils And Fluids 6 – Quenching Oils And Fluids Textile Lubricants 22 – Textile Lubricants
Heat Transfer Oils 7 – Heat Transfer Oils Biocides 23 – Biocides
Circulation And Lubrication Oils 8 – Circulation And Lubrication Oils Electro Erosion Fluids 24 – Electro Erosion Fluids
Corrosion Preventive Oils 9 – Corrosion Preventive Oils Injector Adjustment Fluids 25 – Injector Adjustment Fluids
Greases 10 – Greases Shockabsorberoil Oils 26 – Shockabsorberoil Oils
Neat Forming And Deepdrawing Lubricants 11 – Neat Forming And Deepdrawing Lubricants Mould Release Lubricants 27 – Mould Release Lubricants
Soluble Forming And Deepdrawing Lubricants 12 – Soluble Forming And Deepdrawing Lubricants Compressor Lubricants 28 – Compressor Lubricants
Slideway Lubricants 13 – Slideway Lubricants Marine Oils 29 – Marine Oils
Industrial Gear Lubricants 14 – Industrial Gear Lubricants Foodgrade Lubricants 30 – Foodgrade Lubricants
Opengear Lubricants 15 – Opengear Lubricants Complementary Automotive Products 31 – Complementary Automotive Products
Hotforming And Forging Lubricants 16 – Hotforming And Forging Lubricants Chain Oils 32 – Chain Oils
Special Lubricants And Greases 33 – Special Lubricants And Greases

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