When it comes to automotive service, we know our way around under the hood.

Many of our sales representatives began their careers working in service centers and dealerships. We’ve been in your service. We can help look at every aspect of your business to increase customer satisfaction and profitability. Whether you have one service center or an entire network of dealerships, we’ll assist you with everything from product selection, to inventory management and logistics. There’s a good reason why we’re the leading provider of automotive fluids and chemicals in Egypt.


We have got it all:

A COMPLETE LINE OF FLUIDS AND CHEMICALS. Passenger car motor oils, transmission fluids, gear oils, greases, windshield wash, cleaners & detailers, flush chemicals and more.


CONVENIENT DELIVERY. Wherever you are, on your schedule and on time, we simplify inventory management and lower overhead costs.

LAB SERVICES : TSC petroleum-based and water-based laboratories provide extensive test and product development services including oil analysis, preventive maintenance, failure analysis, and waste analysis to help you proactively diagnose performance issues, maximize operations and even obtain specialized products designed to satisfy your unique needs.

EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE & INSTALLATION. Including bulk fluid handling systems, e-tanks, pumps, meters, hose reels and specialized solutions that help improve service efficiency.


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