We can help your business run as smoothly as your machinery.

Our technicians and engineers work on-site with every fleet customer to find ways to reduce down time, extend equipment life, improve fuel economy and drive costs down. Fuel delivery is available when you need it, where ever you are. It all adds up to the best value on the fuel, lubricants and services that your vehicles-and your business-depend on. Because, like you, we’re in it for the long haul.

Everything you need:

A FULL LINE OF LUBRICANTS AND RELATED SUPPLIES. Everything from heavy duty engine oils to greases, hydraulic fluids, specialty lubricants and cleaning chemicals.

MAINTENANCE SERVICES & CONSULTING.We’ll help you find the right fluids for specific equipment and develop specialized preventative maintenance programs.

DEPENDABLE DELIVERY. Wherever you are, on your schedule and on time, we simplify inventory management and lower overhead costs.

LAB SERVICES. Belgin Egypt provide extensive test and development services including oil analysis, preventive maintenance, failure analysis, and waste analysis to help you diagnose performance issues, maximize operations and obtain fluid solutions designed around your unique needs.

EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE & INSTALLATION. Including bulk fluid handling systems, e-tanks, pumps, meters, hose reels and specialized solutions that help improve service efficiency.

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