Innovation for your manufacturing line and your bottom line.

Our experienced engineers work with every industrial customer to find the ideal balance of efficiency, performance and cost savings. We develop and recommend special formulas in our state-of-the-art laboratory analysis and blending Quality control to improve the efficiency of your machines, extend their operating life and save you money. When your productivity is on the line, we’re standing by your side.

Products & services you need:

WE SERVE ALL INDUSTRIES: Metalworking, plastics manufacturing, medical devices, food processing, power generation, refining, mining, general manufacturing and more.

CONSULTING AND PLANT SURVEYS. We’ll survey your equipment, then create and manage a comprehensive maintenance program for your facility. We’ll find innovative ways to increase efficiency and keep your lines running by revising maintenance schedules, consolidating fluids and implementing preventative maintenance and training.

LAB SERVICES. Belgin Egypt provide extensive test and development services including oil analysis, preventive maintenance, failure analysis, and waste analysis to help you diagnose performance issues, maximize operations and obtain fluid solutions designed around your unique needs.

EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE & INSTALLATION. Including bulk fluid handling systems, e-tanks, pumps, meters, hose reels and specialized solutions that help improve service efficiency.

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